Our care home with nursing situated in the beautiful coastal town of Exmouth

At Knappe Cross Care Centre, residents can enjoy more than just personal care in Devon. Thanks to the care home’s elevated position, all residents can enjoy fantastic views overlooking the seaside town of Exmouth. With unforgettable scenery, stunning interiors, and a team of experience, friendly and dedicated staff, Knappe Cross is ready to welcome you to your home-from-home.

Halcyon is a word that refers to a state of calmness or tranquility, or to a time or period in the past that is remembered as being especially peaceful or happy. It is derived from the Greek myth of Halcyon, a kingfisher who was said to calm the waves during the winter solstice, allowing his mate to lay their eggs in a nest floating on the sea. The term “halcyon days” is often used to refer to a time in the past that was particularly happy or peaceful. 

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Brixington Lane,
Exmouth, Devon,

Tel: 01395 263 643
Fax: 01395 223 648

Knappe Cross Care Centre-A view from above

Dedicated staff team are always available

Knappe Cross aims to provide professional care focused around individuals and their needs that doesn’t take away the privacy or dignity of any of our residents. At Knappe Cross, we can offer personal and nursing care for up to 42 elderly people and we also offer day care for people in the community who want to  have a break from home and enjoy our activities and support. Care is provided night and day, and whatever your requirements, our care staff are here to help in the way that works best for you.  Choices include:

• Nursing care
• Residential care
• Dementia care
• Respite care
• Day care

The best in amenities

Knappe Cross can be accessed via the nearby motorway, and the town centre is easily accessible too. This gives residents the chance to explore and immerse themselves in the local community whenever possible. Within the care home itself, residents can enjoy a comfortable living space and freedom of leisure. Single room accommodation is available and en-suite facilities come with each bedroom.

We are not just caring for you, we care about you. On top of this, we offer:

  • Wireless Call Bell Systems(click to find out more)

  • Specialist showering facilities

  • Regular attendance of local Vicar

  • GP Visits(click to go to the surgery website)

    Local Gp Surgery -Raleigh Medical Centre is only 50-100 feet from the care home.The surgery is part of the Clairmont Medical Practice Group.

    Please note that unless already registered with a local surgery any resident moving in to our care will by CCG recommendation have to register with Raleigh Medical Centre.

  • On site parking

    There is sufficient car parcing space on site even on the bussiest of days.Car par can accomodate a number of 20 vehicles on site.Unfortunately the company does not assume responsbility for the vehicles parked on sit

  • Recreational activities which include: arts and crafts; entertainment; quiz’s; theme days; and much more(click for more information)

  • Television and Internet

    There is a dedicated wifi network for visitors:   ”Freewifi”.

    PLease contact the administrator on site or the manager for the password to our free network.

    We provide a tv antena and socket for the tv,however we do not supply a television set for our residents unless they do not have the means to purchase their own tv.

    We also give our residents access to our dedicated guest wifi network

  • Quality nutritious meals and individual diets catered for

  • Lift to the first and second floor

    There are two lifts within the home, one for access to the first and second floor in main house and one for access to the first floor in our extension building.

  • Small shop

  • Choice of lounge and dining facility(click to find out more)

  • Services of a registered Foot Healthcare Professional or a HCPC registered Chiropodist/Podiatrist, and Hairdresser available on request

    Christine, our hairdresser understands the importance of Having your hair restyled and the self worth value of good quality services.

    Our qualified hairdressers will provide a personalised experience for our residents who wish for their hair needs to be taken care of.

  • Landscaped gardens with patio and mature secure gardens

  • Day care facilities

    We are happy to accommodate people from Exmouth and surrounding areas, if  they only want to come in for the day or a few hours, to have a meal or a shower or simply to spend some time with the other residents and staff at Knappe Cross.

    The cost of this service varies depending on the individual needs of the residents accessing this service.

    Please contact our manager for more information.

  • Child play area

The team that really cares!



Operations Manager


Nicoleta Pavel

Registered Manager

Rebecca Jackson Deputy Manager


Deputy Manager


Bogdan Florea

Clinical Lead-Head Of Care



Head Chef




An older woman is kissed on the cheeks by two children

Following a philosophy of compassion

Committed to the Halcyon Care philosophy, which has been in place since 1989, the team at Knappe Cross provides individual care that promotes privacy and dignity for each and every resident. We believe that it is vital not just to care for our residents, but to care about them. Our team of professional nurses and carers are therefore, always available and are led by an experienced manager. At Knappe Cross we encourage residents to be part of the local community and participate in local activities and events making it ideal for residents who like to experience a thriving local community should they wish to do so.

How Good Is Our Care-Survey

Knappe Cross is a unique home with over a hundred years of history, a witness to British heritage and Exmouth. To find out about any of our care homes or for help in choosing between them, feel free to get in touch today.


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Knappe Cross

Brixington Lane,
Exmouth, Devon,

Tel: 01395 263 643
Fax: 01395 223 648


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If you would like to arrange a visit to Knappe Cross please call 01395 263643 or email knappecross@halcyoncare.co.uk to arrange yours now

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