East Kirkby’s stunning care home

Found in rural Lincolnshire, Manor Care Centre is the perfect place for residents who love the countryside. Built as a traditional manor house and now a listed building, this care home is ideal for people living with Mental health issues and dementia, also individuals looking for residential care. Its beautiful outdoor appearance is matched by a traditional interior and is accompanied by a team of experienced staff.

Manor Care Centre reaches out to those residents who thrive to maintain skills whilst learning to adapt to their changing mental health or dementia needs.

The home encompasses a feeling of belonging and involves individuals in their daily life, to support fulfilment and enhance self-esteem for all.  This empowers residents to make choices relating to meals, activities and care.

Enjoyment from the experience which also helps to encourage social interaction and engagement and involvement with an awareness of others to achieve a social circle of friends.

The person-centred approach ensure that each person is unique to us, their personality, experiences, knowledge, preferences and life history

Touch is a vital element of communicating with residents and the care staff can hold hands, hug residents for reassurance and a feeling of security.  It is our aim to provide quality care to enhance a sense of comfort belonging, identity and inclusion –

We listen to you – may your journey be smooth

Contact Information for this home

Fen Road, East Kirkby,
PE23 4DB

Tel: 01790 763 381
Fax: 01790 763 068


Dedicated staff team are always available

Our team of carers are committed to providing the highest quality personal care service for all residents. In all Halcyon Care properties, we tailor this care to your exact needs, based on prior conversations with you and your family as well as regular monitoring and assistance. Choices include:

• Residential care
• Dementia care
• Mental health care
• Respite care
• Day care

The best in amenities

We believe that care homes should be a part of local activities and events. The Manor Care Centre is in the centre of the village of East Kirkby, making it ideal for residents who like to experience a thriving local community. This Halcyon Care home is also close to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, offering history enthusiasts a great place to visit.

At the Manor, a large range of amenities are available for all residents. GPs, and the local vicar, make regular visits to us. Residents are able to and encouraged to personalise their rooms as they see fit. On top of this, the Manor offers:

  • Call bell systems

  • Extensive grounds

  • Specialist showering facilities

  • Regular attendance of local Vicar

  • Car parking

  • Lift to the first floor

  • Television and internet

  • Quality nutritious meals and individual diets catered for

  • Choice of lounge and dining facility

  • Recreational activities*

  • Services of a registered Foot Healthcare Professional or a HCPC registered Chiropodist/Podiatrist, and Hairdresser available on request

  • Special care for mental health-related problems

*programme is tailored specifically to suit individual needs of residents with a trained occupational therapist at the helm. We use reminiscence therapy to encourage association with pleasant feelings and emotions and objects of reference to provide association with specific activities. We have a diverse range of exercise and movement and armchair football, using resources and props to ensure sessions are stimulating and consistent and varied. Music sessions using percussion, musical instruments, singing with song sheets and karaoke. A varied of crafts encompass painting, colouring, collage, fabric exploration focusing on tactile stimulation. One-to-one conversation and company, my life story book, hand and nail care promoting positive self-awareness.


Senior man in wheelchair in garden centre

Following a philosophy of compassion

In every care home, Halcyon Care’s staff consists of highly qualified individuals who are committed to treating residents with dignity and respect. We even have our own catering team who create meals from the freshest of ingredients. Meals are served in the dining room and can be taken into personal rooms. Individual diets are also catered for and residents are encouraged to stay active.

Be sure to look around

It’s recommended to look into multiple options before settling on a home. Our other locations can be seen here and viewings can be arranged for any of them today.



Fen Road, East Kirkby,
PE23 4DB

Tel: 01790 763 381
Fax: 01790 763 068


The same quality care in every location

Here you can see a map of our various homes across the UK. No matter where you, your family, or your friend are based, the same high standards of care will always be provided.

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To arrange a viewing of the Manor, call us today on 01790 763381 or send us an email today at manor@halcyoncare.co.uk

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